When the Dust Settles

9:08 on a Thursday evening in April. On any typical April evening I would be lying in bed by myself. Probably nodding off as I start in on a another Friends re-run that I’ve seen ten times already.  But tonight, my husband is home because rain doesn’t care about corn needing to be in the ground – it comes and goes as it pleases and if you ask any farmer, it never picks an opportune time. 

So, here I lay snuggled up safely to my sleepy farmer who is sawing some serious logs right now. Is it weird that I think it’s adorable… yeah okay… just going to give him a quick nudge… annnd now he’s rolling over….Yeah, I think we are safe for about fifteen minutes…I had better make this quick. 

9:10 on a Thursday evening and I can’t sleep. Typical me, my brain is turned all the way up to ten right before bed, but all week it seems my brain has been at a solid two and I’m being generous. Most nights when this happens, I can almost promise you it is some silly thought that can wait until tomorrow, but tonight, for some reason, it has my head spinning. Have you ever heard the saying, “Sleep on it.” or “Get some rest, you’ll feel better in the morning.”? What a ridiculous thing to tell a woman. Oh yes, let me just sleep on all of these thoughts (probably made up scenarios) and in the morning I’ll be completely fine. No dramatic notions here….

Disclaimer: My mom used to always say those exact words to me when I couldn’t fall asleep and guess what? It always seemed better in the morning. Those mom’s and their wisdom. 

But here I am tonight, trying to call my mom’s bluff, thinking of things I should really try to be more mindful of in the day light. 

 Speaking of dump trucks, my fifteen minutes has suddenly shrunk to four minutes and Kirn is sounding like a bad engine in a 1980s garbage truck…. 

Not. Cute. Anymore. 

Have you ever noticed our lives are built through moments? Whether that be big or small, good or bad… we live from moment to moment. Some we look forward to, some make us nervous and some we never see coming but could make the largest impact on us. Well last week, our family lived in a moment that I couldn’t even begin to describe to you through writing. It was a moment of fear, a moment of sympathy, a moment of pure love and support – it was a moment that came from a power larger than all of us. And even though this moment was very much so planned and anticipated by many, it was one of the most shocking yet humbling moments I’ve ever experienced. 

But how’d we get to this moment? I sit here tonight and think about every little moment Chasen and Justine have ever experienced (together as a couple or separately as individuals) leading up to this benefit. How those moments had to of impacted each person, who so graciously sat in that jam packed building with us on Friday night. God only knows what each one of those interactions looked like prior to the Seeds of Hope benefit, but nonetheless, what a testament to the incredible people they are today. To have touched so many lives in moments that may be unrecognizable to them, is something not to be reckoned with.  

Wow. Moments. Times in our lives where most days we don’t even realize it but we are creating a significant impact on our life as we know it. Doesn’t that make you sit back and check yourself? What moments do we take for granted? How many times have we passed up a conversation with someone because we were in a hurry or told someone we were too busy to lend a hand? Am I saying we should all self-reflect and then choose to never pass up the next opportunity to go talk to second-cousin Ned for six hours about his bunions because you can’t miss a moment? No… and who’s cousin Ned? And ew bunyons, Ashlee… sorry.. am I losing you? 

I am just saying there is always opportunity to make an impact on not only your life but also others around you. And I will be the first to throw my yellow flag in the air to admit I take things for granted more often than I should. 

So, at 9:35 pm I leave you with this, we all have some pretty incredible people in our lives. So, when the dust settles after a well planned and highly anticipated moment of your life, take a second to recognize what brought you to that point and rejoice in the smaller moments that got you there. 


One thought on “When the Dust Settles

  1. I love this Ashlee! We couldn’t make it Friday but My parents went and they told me about how awesome it was and I found myself thinking Some of these same things. I don’t know Chasen well and I don’t know Justine at all but all I could think was that they have to be great people to have had such an impact on SO many people that wanted to come out and support them. Thinking about it gives me goosebumps. I know this can’t be an easy time for you and I think everyone around is praying for all of you, I just wanted to tell you I loved this and how relatable it was☺


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