To my Sister who is a Mother

I should have seen this coming. It was right in front of me for 25 years. You were annoyingly responsible. You never wanted to disappoint the people you cared about. You never let anyone hurt you, but if someone hurt me…look out. You gave 110% in whatever you did and no matter how hard I tried, I COULD NOT get you to tell a white lie to mom and dad.  You made growing up in your footsteps somewhat difficult. You set the bar SO high.

Now I sit here, 900 miles away from home and I am having flash backs of our childhood. Basketball practices where I would watch in awe, wishing I had half the ball handling skills you had. It was like you had three hands. The way you moved around people on the court with a basketball in your fingertips was impressive. It made me think of a high school heartbreak when I thought was the end of all love stories. You were right there like super woman, asking whose ass you had to kick. It brought back so many memories of playing make believe. Of course, you always got to be the boss, whether it was Mom, Teacher or Doctor. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many B’s I got on papers and had to stay in for “recess”. And don’t even get me started on how many “surgery tables” I had to lie on with whatever muscle I “broke”. I am still not sure how you break your tummy, but by golly I broke it twice according to the “doctor”. Basically I grew up as a B average student who is a total klutz. (Was my sister a psychic also?)

Here we are again. You have set a bar and I am going to have to do some jump training to reach it. I often wondered what my purpose was in your life, since you served such a big one in mine. I now know. I was your practice for parenting a spicy three year old and a one week old baby girl at the same time. I have watched you juggle many things in our lifetime, but seeing you calm down a toddler on a MAJOR sugar high and quiet a newborn with your free arm is one for the record books.

Lesson Learned: You really did have three arms this whole time.

Also… how in the world do you get any sleep?! I wasn’t even responsible for those two adorable beings, but I heard one of them up at least every 3 hours during the night. It was like clock-work, you finally finish feeding your newborn at 2 AM and suddenly your three year old is at the foot of your bed because she had a nightmare. She is hysterical. In my (groggy and half asleep) mind, I think, how in the world is she going to calm this girl down? Then, just like superwoman, you wrap her in your arms and she suddenly is at ease. It was like you brought out the bad guys in her dream and kicked their behinds. (As the little sister, I seriously felt bad for these bad guys. Though she be but little, she is fierce. ) And just like that, the house is peaceful again.

Lesson Learned: My sister really is superwoman.

I still can’t believe we are already at the stage of our lives to have kids. It doesn’t seem like that long ago we were dressing up and pretending to be grown up. When did we stop playing make believe and become full blown, real life adults with houses, families and careers? Why didn’t life put up a road sign on your journey that said Adulthood: Next Right. *Road Construction Ahead* *Detour Ahead*.  We aren’t warned at all. We just wake up one day sitting in a real scene of “make believe”. But let me tell you, sister, you are killing it. It looks like you have been doing this your whole life. You’re a natural and have motherhood on lock.

Lesson Learned: Practice makes perfect.

I know as well as you do, as your girls get older, they will go through growing pains, look for road signs that don’t exist, bicker like it’s going out of style and most of all… they will hate sharing clothes. (One closet is better than two and one of these days you will agree with me.) But if their lucky they’ll build a friendship with each other. Day in and day out you get to be their mamma,  reader of books, hero of a nightmare and hug after they fall. But don’t forget, to me, you are also my sister, a woman of faith, role model and best friend.

Lesson Learned: This is why God made sisters.