2.5 Decades

Twenty-five years. AKA.  A quarter of a century. AKA 2.5 decades AKA. UMMMMM, I literally just turned twenty-one yesterday…didn’t I?

After twenty-four celebrated birthdays, you think I would know the drill by now. I go to bed on birthday eve anticipating a day ahead full of presents, flowers, hugs and high fives. Wake up on my birthday and here I sit another year older, not really any presents…no flowers… a few hugs (all from my husband…he gets it) and not a one high five.

Then again, life isn’t a basketball court, so high-fives may be a bit dubious. Flowers are for Valentine’s Day and let’s be real, basically a forgotten holiday when my birthday is so close. And presents stopped when I was sixteen. Such is life.

Now, here I am, at the end of another birthday, sitting in the midst of life’s blessings. Okay okay okay, I won’t go getting all nostalgic on ya’ll but, as I get older, I find myself putting some of my appreciation to the wayside. For some reason, life’s stresses and worries surge in front of the good and I sometimes forget how seriously awesome my life is.

Still sitting here…quarter of a century wiser and at this point saturated in the thought of not having it all figured out yet.  Because…well.. I am a half a bottle of wine deep and I just lost the period on my keyboard (obviously twenty-one was further away than just yesterday…reality check).

There’s the period………………………………………………………………………………………………

But maybe our birthdays aren’t meant for presents and high fives. Maybe they are meant to give ourselves a revival. A chance to to sit back and really look at all valuables the Lord has given to us.

Perhaps this is the wine talking…or… I really just struck a feeling. Either way, tonight, I will use this speculation of birthdays to refuel my own vibes for the next 365.

I have an incredible family, wonderful friends and a husband who really lets me be his princess day in and day out. I am lucky as heck and in all my twenty five years, I have had a lot of lessons learned, plenty of character building and trust me when I say this, a deluge of wine with my best friends. All important pieces to this party we call life.

Cheers to another twenty-five.


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