In like Flynn

1…2…3…4…5 trucks, one SUV, one car and one 18′ trailer..gang’s all here!

That was the entourage heading North on Highway 14 around 11 AM on Saturday morning. Heading North to our humble abode on the West side of town. For those of you who just choked, no…that was not a typo. We are officially living in the big city lights of Knox-Vegas. It is a quaint little residency, in a quiet neighborhood….next to a middle school. (kids….everywhere…not quiet…not quiet at all) So, here we are. HOME.

But let’s not get distracted with too much sentiment here.  It took SEVEN full sized vehicles AND a trailer to haul all of our precious (or not so necessary) belongings to the new place. Can you believe that….Why do we have so much crap?! And when in world did we accumulate all of it?! Remember the days when moving meant, Clothes: check; toothbrush: check; picture frames with outdated pictures: check, okay let’s roll. Oh the simplicity! Well those college moving days are dead and gone.

No…now…NOOOWW, I have things like a kitchen aid, silverware, dishes that could break if not packed with a world’s supply of bubble wrap (yes, I definitely over killed the bubble wrap) I have dressers that don’t fit through doors, couches that barely make it down the hallway…I could go on forever, but this is a free blog site (advocate for Word Press plug: Check)  and I don’t want to use all my word space with one of those long, boring adult lists.

But can I give you a packing tip, ladies? If you are planning to organize your kitchen the same day you move. You buy some wine, you pull out whatever cup you can find first and you do not hesitate to pop that dang cork and indulge. Because let me tell you, my kitchen looks like Pinterest and all it took were a couple of good friends and a few glasses of cheap wine. The tip is: Wine is always the answer.

So…long story short, with some awesome help from our family and friends, we made it. We spent 9 hours moving on Saturday and have officially began to settle in to our new digs. (I’m trying out some new city jargon..thoughts?)

Lucky for me, I had plenty of time to get in touch with my inner Cinderella this weekend. Cleaning, organizing, I think I even lost my shoes at some point this weekend. Also, I really don’t mean to squeak my own mop, but I’d like to believe we have made our new pumpkin into a cute little carriage that will take us off into marital bliss. I am crossing my fingers it doesn’t have one of those midnight policies on it…Disney humor…I think I have drove this joke ALLLL the way into the ditch now. Moving on….

Last night, after another day of unpacking, organizing and then re packing crap we really didn’t want after-all, Kirn and I finally sat down to take in the house. In the 60 seconds of quiet, I was thinking the following:

 {I need new curtains, that mirror needs to go in the guest bedroom, how excited I am to begin a new chapter in our new house and how much I loved working next to my husband to make our house a home today.}

I look over at Kirn, wondering what he is thinking and he looks at me and says,

We really need to get our TV to work……..

This, folks, this is paradise. We are in like Flynn.



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